Delivering uncompromising quality


Quantum Biometronics is a spin-off company of the University of Crete, closely coupled to the University’s Laboratory for Quantum Physics and Quantum Biology. We aspire to commercialize cutting-edge research at the niche interface of quantum science & technology with life sciences & biotechnology.


Our driving forces are intuition, precision, and synergy. We are passionate about unraveling niche opportunities, and  transferring to the market cross-disciplinary scientific insights. We wish to build a company with strong IP, addressing unmet technological needs in complex environments. We have an uncompromising commitment to delivering quality and adhering to the highest professional standards.


We have unwavering trust in the long-term scientific and commercial potential of quantum + bio. We are inspired by the unlimited possibilities of producing disruptive technologies using the spectacular tools of quantum technology, having them work synergistically within the complexity of life, and offering fundamentally new and unanticipated insights. Our grand vision is to understand the quantum underpinnings of life, and offer sophisticated high-added-value products advancing the quality of life.