Quantum Pupillometry

Looking at the eyes, seeing the brain

Pupillometry is a medical diagnostic technique, measuring the pupil light reflex. This is the constriction of the pupil under illumination, and its redilation following the termination of the illumination.

The dynamics of the pupil diameter changes are regulated by neural circuits emanating from the retina and reaching the mid-brain before returning to the muscles surrounding the pupil. Pupillometry data can in principle reveal a wealth of diagnostic information about diseases of the eye, retina and the central nervous system.

We have developed the first laser pupillometer in the world, which provides for ultra-precise stimulation of the visual system with spatial selectivity. Our patented stimulus source illuminates the eye and stimulates the retina with green laser light having a beam profile consisting of discrete pixels, currently 25. 

Our “surgical” light stimulus boosts the amount of information accessible by pupillometry, opening a radically new window into brain function and medical diagnosis.

To give a financial analogy, existing pupillometers indiscriminately stimulating the whole retina with LED light are the analogue of the stock-market index, while our technology provides the price for each individual stock comprising the index.